The people of Karst learned how to turn teran into a delicious liqueur, red with intense violet hue, tasting of orange, vanilla, cloves and wild berries ... Teran liqueur goes hand in hand with deserts, wild berries and plum gnocchi ... Teran liqueur PTP is produced according to tradition and marked by superb quality.


Natural conditions in Karst are ideal for the growth of juniper, which bears fruit every two or three years. People from Karst have cherished its healing power and still use its berries for the production of Karst juniper brandy (“brinjevec”), a typical strong alcoholic drink labelled with the designation of geographical origin.

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Kras wine road connects almost 170 different producers and stretches above the Trieste bay, on a plateau with the altitude ranging from 50 to 500 m. It is distinguished by limestone Karst with thin red brown soil layer called “Terra rosa” or “jerina”, a constant drought due to lack of surface water, bora wind, and abundance of sun. Due to all these natural advantages, the vines of Karst region are full of delicious grapes, from which the Karst people have been making excellent wines for centuries. Typical wine cellars called “hrami” are fascinating places: some of them are cut into stone and some have been carved in caves by nature itself, whereas others captivate the interest of visitors merely due to their size or their stone walls. Dry-cured hams, gradually maturing in the wine room, give the latter a special note.

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