#SeVejKiSeJej - Sežana strEAT

May to September 2020, Sežana

In May the town of Sežana will wider its offer of outdoor events with the set of events called #SeVejKiSeJej – Sežana strEAT.
Five culinary, cultural and entertaining events will take place in the parking lot near the Stari grad Manor. The food truck festival won’t be just about the food – there will also be an entertainment programme with music concerts, street theatre performances and workshops. The events will take place once a month from May to September. Free entry to all the events – food and beverages not included. In case of bad weather, the events unfortunately will not take place.   

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Summer of open wine cellars and homesteads

June to September 2020, Karst

Between June and September, selected Karst homesteads open their doors to visitors. Taste the local wines in their cellars, visit the lavender fields, try the local honey, discover how donkeys live or pamper yourself in one of the Karst homesteads offering treats of the local cuisine. Welcome to the open Karst cellars!

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Teran Wine and Prosciutto Festival

August 2020, Dutovlje

The Teran WIne and Prosciutto Festival is dedicated to meeting the wine producers, the ethnological carts parade, Terrano wine and prosciutto tastings.

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Vilenica International Literary Festival

September 2020, Karst

The Vilenica International Literary Festival is a gathering of poets, writers, playwrights and essayists from Central Europe, which takes place in the Karst region and elsewhere across Slovenia, and includes numerous literary and cultural events.

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Month of Karst cuisine

October - November 2020, Karst

The Month of Karst cuisine with its long tradition enriches autumn colourful offer in the Karst. It invites visitors to fully enjoy the beauties of nature as also the culinary delights.

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St. Martin's Day

7th November 2020, Karst

Open wine cellars, music, culinary and sport events. 

For more information you can visit web page or contact Tourist Information Centre Sežana at tic.sezana(at) or on the phone number +386 5 73 10 128.

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The Karst wine road connects almost 170 different producers stretching above the Trieste bay on a plateau with the altitude ranging from 50 to 500 m. It is distinguished by the limestone Karst with a thin red brown soil layer called terra rossa or jerina, a constant drought due to the lack of surface water, the wind bora, and the abundance of sun. Due to all these natural advantages, the vines of the Karst region are full of delicious grapes, from which the Karst people have been making excellent wines for centuries. Typical wine cellars called hrami are fascinating places: some of them are cut into stone and some have been carved into caves by nature itself, whereas others captivate the interest of visitors merely due to their size or stone walls. Dry-cured meat products, gradually maturing in the wine room, give the latter a special note.

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